Thursday, January 31, 2013

Memoirs of January...

Hello everyone,
Here is a recap of the very first month of the year, January 2013.

  1. A rocking year...
  2. Keeping it simple...
  3. Work ethics...
  4. The Big Apple...
  5. P-A-R-T-A-Y!
  6. The case of the colored tights...
  7. The vanishing Sun...
  8. On the track...
  9. Say yes to the printed pants... 

Thanking you                                                                                                                Yours fashionably

Monday, January 28, 2013

Say yes to the printed pants...

These days I sure am getting comfortable with printed pants and print mixing, two things, I thought, were so out of my comfort zone, not so long back.

Yes, yes, yes, I say yes to the printed pants and to print mixing. I can't wait to add some more interesting prints and patterns to my closet this spring!

Tell me, do you say yes to the printed pants as well?

                                                                      What I Am Wearing:
                                                    denim jacket- American Eagle Outfitters (buy it here)    pants- H&M    lace top- F21
                                                    shoes- Nine West    clutch- The Limited    aviators- Guess    watch- Kenneth Cole
                                                    belt- Banana Republic    bracelets- Guess, F21, gift from a dear friend    scraf- ??

                          Thanking you                                                                                      Yours fashionably

Friday, January 25, 2013

The vanishing Sun...

I feel, these days, a striped blazer should be considered as a wardrobe essential or a style staple in every woman's closet.
It is so at least in my closet. I wear this black and white striped blazer with almost everything and it instantly adds interest to any look!

On another note, I'm seriously looking forward to a bright, sunny day for some good quality photographs.
Fortunately, the other day it was sunny but only until I was ready to take some pictures.The moment we stepped out, Mr. Sun just vanished into the thin air (or behind the clouds, to be precise). The result, grainy photographs again.
So much for my luck!
I sure need a better camera at the earliest as this game of hide and seek with the vanishing Sun is just not resulting in my favor, but, considering the condition of my bank account, I don't really see that happening any time soon!
So much for my luck again!!

Anyways, have a great week end everyone, with or without the Sun!

Also, today I'm linking up with The Tiny Heart  for her Look What I Got Link-up, and you know what I got? I got these faux leather Express ankle boots for just $10! Cool, isn't it?

                                                                       What I Am Wearing:
                                                  blazer- LOFT     denim- Old Navy  (buy it here, on sale now)    bag and sunnies- Guess 
                                                  top and booties- Express (buy similar here, on sale now)    watch- DKNY (buy it here)

                       Thanking you                                                                                          Yours fashionably

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On the track...

One advantage of living in a small city or town is the easy availability of beautiful locations for photo shoot. Be it, lakes, rivers and water bodies, wooded areas and hilly areas, lush green fields, landscaped gardens and parks or of course, rail tracks, you name it and we have it!
Not that I always end up utilizing the scenic beauty of this city to its fullest potential, but it is always good to know that I can.
I always knew that there is a rail track in close proximity of our house, but I never seemed to have noticed how easily accessible it is until the hubby pointed it out the other day!
Oh my, it was like hitting a gold mine!
Be ready to see some more photo shoots on the track.

It is funny how often such lovely little things in life go unnoticed!!

                                                                      What I Am Wearing:
                                                          shirt- Forever 21   skirt- BCBGMaxAzria   bag- Aldo   booties and watch- Kenneth Cole
                                                          sunglasses- Steve Madden    necklace- T J Maxx    bracelets- F21, gift from a dear friend 

                      Thanking you                                                                                              Yours fashionably

Monday, January 21, 2013

The case of the colored tights...

Was it in primary school or in pre school? I honestly do not remember when was the last time I wore colored tights!
Certainly, it is evident, that today, after ages, I'm sporting a pair of bright, pink tights.
In my defense,  
one, because it is very much in trend these days ( not that I follow trends blindly!).
Two, because I'm trying to usher in spring on a warm winter day! After a span of freezing days when the mercury shot up to the 40s I was so elated that I thought of stepping out of my comfort zone yet again and giving these 'look at me' tights a chance. After all, such a warm, sunny and bright day, right in the middle of a terrible winter, definitely calls for some celebration.
Three,  I tried not to make the outfit look too much over the top by keeping the other pieces restricted to blues and blacks only with a hint of pink in the nails and bracelet to blend it all.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the case of the colored tights.

Please be the jury and tell me, how do you like the colored tights?
Guilty or not?
The prosecuted here eagerly awaits your verdict!

Today I'm linking up with  Still Being Molly  for her YOLOMondays link up.

P.S. ....and guess what, this look has been featured by the lovely Ada, on her blog Elegance Personified.

                                                                          What I Am Wearing:
                                                        shirt- Old Navy (buy it here, on sale now!)   skirt- LOFT  bracelets- Forever 21 
                                          booties, watch and sunglasses- Guess    necklace- gift from my dear friend

                          Thanking you                                                                                              Yours fashionably

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Big Apple...

                                                                           Photo courtesy- My beautiful friend PUJA

The highlight of our trip to the big apple was great food and great company.
We were up till late in the night either roaming around on streets of The Village tasting delicious Mediterranean food, visiting China Town or Little Italy, gobbling on street food around the Times Square or simply hanging out with our dear friends over drinks and sumptuous home made food.
Honestly, I've gained at least 5 lbs over the holidays!
We made sure to eat in each and every of our favorite restaurants and eateries, visit our favorite places, take the subway and the taxi, inhale all that smoke and smell and experience the crowd and the commotion! After exactly two and a half years, we were back to being true New Yorkers again and it felt like we never left the City in the first place! Thanks to our lovely friends for making us feel at home!

Have a great weekend everyone!

                                                                         What I Am Wearing:
                                                   plaid skirt- Tommy Hilfiger    shirt- The Limited    sunnies and bag- Steve Madden
                                                   scarf- Forever 21    boots- Kenneth Cole

                               Thanking you                                                                                           Yours fashionably  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Bidding farewell is always difficult!
Yes, I'm just holding on to the festivities!!
Don't you think this outfit is the perfect representation of Christmas?
The colors- red, green and blue definitely reminds me of Christmas.
Moreover, the mix of textures with the faux fur collar, gold brocade skirt, flannel plaid shirt, suede booties and faux leather clutch along with the gold and pearl accessories, I feel, create an infinite amount of luxe and richness apt for any festivity for that matter.

Now that I'm dressed like this, I definitely deserve a glass of champagne, or two, even if it is right in the middle of the work week!

Now that I'm dressed like this, I feel like I'm so ready to  P-A-R-T-A-Y!!

                                                                        What I Am Wearing:
                                                             gold brocade skirt- Banana Republic outlet    shirt- Hollister    clutch- T J Maxx
                                                             booties- Guess from T J Maxx    sunnies- Steve Madden   watch- Kenneth Cole    
                                                             faux fur collar- H&M      necklace and bracelets- Forever 21

                         Thanking you                                                                                      Yours fashionably

Monday, January 14, 2013

Work ethics...

Who says winter work wear is black/gray, dull and boring?
Here's how to add some color and pattern  to your winter work wear without violating the work ethics!

                                                                           What I Am Wearing:
                                                            sweater- Tommy Hilfiger    skirt- J Crew No.2 pencil skirt in wool blend ( buy similar)
                                             trench- Nautica    bag- Aldo    shirt- F21    flats- GAP    necklace- T J Maxx

                     Thanking you                                                                                          Yours fashionably

Friday, January 11, 2013

Keeping it simple...

The holiday hang over still continues for me. I'm in no mood to get back to normal life.
Don't you just wish that the holidays lasted forever?
On top of that, the dull, gloomy weather makes it impossible to shoot, the outcome, blurry pictures and I don't even have decent post worthy pictures from my trip as it was too cold to take off the coat! Oh well, just a couple sets probably which I haven't yet got the time to sort out.

Coming back to the outfit, after all that glitter and sparkle of the holiday season, I thought of  keeping it simple today. Simple denim and shirt with a pop of red.

Tell me, how did you spend your holidays?

                                                                      What I Am Wearing:
                                                   shirt- T J Maxx    denim- Abercrombie & Fitch    bag- Coach    sunnies- Steve Madden
                                                   booties and watch- Kenneth Cole(buy similar here) necklace- H&M (gift from a dear friend) 

                     Thanking you                                                                                          Yours fashionably