Monday, April 30, 2012

Red red wine...

Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
I had my hands full this weekend.
Saturday night was dinner at a friend's place with  and some karaoke singing and of course delicious home-cooked meal  and Sunday we had a girls' night out minus the club and dancing!! But nevertheless, it was so much fun!
No, I did not have red, red wine, just a glass of margarita which I spilled, and got a free refill too!

Just a classic red and black combination with some nude, leopard and snakeskin print  in it.

This clutch from T J Maxx is a PETA certified 100% vegan product! Well, I'm a big animal lover but I'm really ashamed to say that, as till date, I've not been able to overcome my temptation for meat and fish and eggs, and I don't think I'll ever be able to do that either!
It would also be a lie if I say I do not at all buy leather, but,  honestly,I  try to avoid real leather, wool and fur products as much as I can. I just have one pair of leather boots and probably a couple leather bags and belts in my closet.
So, when I spot anything which resembles leather so closely and yet is not made of real leather, I get all excited!

                                                                         What I Am Wearing:
                                                      skirt-- Forever21    blouse and clutch- T J Maxx    flats- Target Merona    belt- Younkers
                                                      shades- Steve Madden   watch- gift    ring- Charlotte Russe    

                                 Thanking you                                                                Yours fashionably

Friday, April 27, 2012

Playing with pink...

These BCBGeneration pink heels, though stunning, have very less use value to me! My feet ache so bad that I use these just when taking pictures for my blog! Whenever I wear them, I  always change into another more comfy pair of shoes after the photo session!
I always look for opportunities to wear these heels for my blog, so that I don't feel what a waste of money it was to have bought those. Today, was one of those days! Even though I knew the pink shirt with the pink heels looked too matchy-matchy, I could not resist myself from wearing those just to get rid of the guilt of buying something so unwearable and unusable!

Tell me, do you think there is an over dose of pink in this outfit?

                                                                          What I Am Wearing:
                                                                  shirt- Old Navy    denim and belt- Hollister     heels- BCBGeneration
                                                                  shades- Kenneth Cole    bag- T J Maxx    watch- DKNY    neckalce- LOFT
                                                                   bracelets- handmade by a friend   

                                  Thanking you                                                          Yours fashionably

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Petite Fashion Challenge #15: Chic Pin-spiration

This month's petite fashion challenge is hosted by the lovely Megan of Long Live Classy.

The challenge is:
Chic Pin-spiration-- Find a pic of an outfit you love on Pinterest, and re-create it the best way possible!
Be sure to post the pic of your outfit inspiration in your post as well!

My pin-spiration is this look by Elle at  Fast food and Fast Fashion !

I love this nautical inspired, casual yet classy look, this simple yet chic look!
I wonder how she always manages to be so chic and classy!
Please check out her blog, Fast Food and Fast Fashion,  for some great style tips and outfit posts!

Here is my take on the look.

I've added some polka dots and a mustard bag though I would've loved to carry that gorgeous red, blue and white J.Crew Tillary tote! !

I'm not too crazy about the fit of the pant as it has a much higher rise for my liking, but I bought it nevertheless, as it was a steal for $10 at 80% off sale.

Did you notice that she has no accessories on her and yet she manages to look so striking!
Well, I feel so naked without my accessories, and so I had to put on a couple!

Don't forget to visit Megan's blog, Long Live Classy, for a full list of participants and their chic pin-spirations!

                                                                         What I Am Wearing:
                                                      blazer- LOFT    denim- DKNY     polka dot shirt- Burlington Coat Factory
                                        bag- Nine West    watch and shades- Guess    heels- Forever 21    belt- AEO

                                  Thanking you                                                         Yours fashionably

Friday, April 20, 2012

You're making me blush...

Pastel and neon; the most subtle shade of pink,blush, with the most bright shade of pink, neon pink!

This is the other neon clutch that I bought a couple days back, the first one being featured in my previous post, check it out here!

So tell me, which one do you like/dislike the most?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

                                                                         What I Am Wearing:
                                                      blouse- Forever21    skirt- Banana Republic    clutch- Steve Madden from T J Maxx
                                                      shoes- gift    shades- Guess    ring-F21    necklace- Gordmans    cuff- Kohl's
                                                      bangles- from India

                                Thanking you                                                          Yours fashionably

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Citrus crush...

Lemons and oranges- all I need is a good dose of vitamin C to fight those annoying coughs and colds.

I'm disgusted with my allergy attacaks, Claritin D, Zyrtec, Benadryl, Allegra- you name it and I've tried it, but with no permanent relief!
So I've decided to go the natural way. I'm consuming loads of citrus fruits and keeping a safe distance from those oh, so beautiful cherry blossoms!!

 I'm happy to announce that I have a major citrus crush right now and hence I'm wearing the citrus colors!!

This is my new neon orange Steve Madden clutch and I totally adore it!

I squealed so loud when I spotted these clutches in store that I'm sure I could've given someone a heart attack! They had three colors- neon green, neon orange and neon pink, and I grabbed them all at first. It took me quite some time and quite a few looks in the mirror, before I could let go off the green one and ultimately came home with the orange and the pink!

FYI, my husband also squealed, or rather shrieked , when he first saw all the three in my shopping cart, but it was not a pleasant, happy shriek!! He was genuinely shocked at the sight of the shocking colors!

I'll be posting an outfit with the pink clutch soon.

So what do you think, is this neon clutch a keeper? I would love to hear your feedback!

                                                                         What I Am Wearing:
                                                      blouse- LOFT      denim- Hollister      neon clutch- Steve Madden from T J Maxx
                                                      shades and watch- Guess    heels- Forever 21    necklace- Gordmans    belt- Younkers
                                                      golden cuff- Kohl's      bracelets- Charlotte Russe       pearl studs- from India

                             Thanking you                                                                  Yours fashionably

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dotty stripes...

Nope, these stripes are not crazy; they are perfectly sane and subtle stripes with some dots and some color blocking!
Stripes, along with some dots, made them dotty stripes !

Our first ever pet dog was named, Dotty, just because she had brown dots all over her silky, smooth, pristine white fur coat, when she was a pup. As she grew older, her dots turned into patches and her owners actually thought of changing her name to Patchy, but, fortunately she got to used to the name Dotty and was thus saved from a lifetime embarrassment of having a funny name!!

She was the cutest dog ever, seriously, a Lhasa Apso with a shiny, soft fur coat , droopy ears and  a face that could melt a million iron hearts. We adopted her at the age of two, as her previous owners were moving out of the country and they did not want to take her along! ( I'm so disgusted at the people who treat their pets as a piece of furniture and conveniently disposes them off as needed!)

But, over the time, we realized that she was a little delirious!  She had a weird biting tendency and used to react in an erratic way at times. The vet said that long periods of isolation during her growing up phase and lack of love and care from her previous owners has resulted into a psychological imbalance in her and she was no longer fit for human company.

I still remember the day she was being taken back to the shelter. I was heartbroken and was crying hysterically. That cute little face, that look in her eyes begging to be in our arms-it tormented my little soul and I was miserable for days and months.
That day, my father taught me the meaning of the word dotty and it means crazy or eccentric. I remember my parents were talking about how aptly she was named Dotty, long before she actually became dotty!!

                                                                         What I Am Wearing:
                                                               blazer- LOFT    blouse- Old Navy    belt, skirt, tights and bracelet- Forever 21 
                                                               shoes- Nine West    shades- Steve Madden    watch- Guess    bag- Younkers

                                               Thanking you                                                                       Yours fashionably

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wearing what not to wear!

One of my favorite style shows on TV has been TLC's What Not To Wear. I almost worship Stacy London for her impeccable sense of style and adore Clinton Kelly for his wits, humor and style wisdom!
I've lost count of how many times I've watched each episode and always wait eagerly for a new season to start.
This show offers so much to learn about  forming outfits, what works best for a specific body type, the building blocks of a versatile closet and all the style do's and don'ts!
One of the many style don'ts that Stacy and Clinton preach is not to wear a mid-calf length pant or capri pant which tapers at the bottom.
But you see, today I wanted to be a disobedient student so I wore just that- a capri pant that tapers at the bottom!
Today, I'm wearing what not to wear!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

                                                               What I Am Wearing:
                                                  capri pants- Armani Exchange    blouse- Maurices    sweater- Younkers
                                                  shoes- Nine West    bag- Steve Madden    shades- Guess    watch- Fossil
                                                                                           bracelets- From India

                                     Thanking you                                                                   Yours fashionably