Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yell out YELLOW!

Today I'm taking part in the  'Trend of the Month Challenge' hosted by the beautiful Marion of  Marionberry Style.
This month's challenge is to create an outfit with the color yellow in it and here is my take on this huge color trend.

Though the title says 'Yell out Yellow', there is nothing loud about this very soft and subtle shade of yellow!  I paired this buttercup yellow with a brighter shade of pink to incorporate another huge trend - color-blocking, in my look today. A blue-purple flower pin, blue clutch and a pair of nude heels, and voila, I'm ready for the challenge.

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                                                                        What I Am Wearing:
                                                           blouse and denim- Forever21    clutch- Nine West    belt-Younkers    watch-Guess
                                                           flower pin and heels- Forever21    cuff- Kohl's    bangles- from India    

                                             Thanking you                                                                           Yours fashionably

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Dare to be different...

The material of this pair of harem pants is jersey and hence very soft and comfortable and the lose fit gives a lot of room for my skin to breathe in it. Moreover, those two pockets on the side, make life so much more easy. I wear it for my dance practices and to run some quick errands may be! Today, I thought of dressing up this regular wear pants a little. Poor fellow, is always left to do all the sweaty jobs!
So here is a Memorial day makeover for my tough guy with some fancy heels and clutch. I tried to stick to black ( and some white) for the top to give it a jumpsuit kind of look.

I know, not many of you are fond of harem pants because of its weird shape and cut!

Well, I just dared do to be a little different today!

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!

                                                                       What I Am Wearing:
                                             blouse- Forever 21    harem pants and clutch- T J Maxx    cardigan- Old Navy
                                             belt- Nine West    heels- Guess    shades- Steve Madden   bracelet- Gordmans   

                                             Thanking you                                                                    Yours fashionably
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Roman Holiday...

I'm totally in holiday mood now! Just can't wait for the Memorial Day weekend to arrive. The very anticipation of holidays/vacations brings me more joy and excitement than the actual holiday!

I fell for the multi-colored stripes when I spotted this skirt in store, but didn't quite like the fit and cut of the skirt when I tried it on. It actually makes me look bigger than what I am! But it had  such an irresistible old-day charm to it that I had bring it home with me.
In fact, the cute pockets and the mid-calf length of the skirt reminded me of what Audrey Hepburn wore in the 1953 romantic comedy, Roman Holiday, when the royal princess was touring in Rome.
All I needed was a scarf round my neck or a peter pan collar blouse and a bicycle, and it would have been a perfect Roman Holiday attire.

                                                                        What I Am Wearing:
                                                                skirt- Old Navy    blouse- Calvin Klein    shoes- Liz Claiborne    bag- Wilson Leather
                                                                sunnies- Kenneth Cole    bracelets- H&M and from India    watch- Kohl's   
                       Thanking you                                                                               Yours fashionably
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Friday, May 18, 2012

'Spread the Cheer' Giveaway:

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Thanking you                                                                                                   Yours fashionably

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A kaleidoscope...

                                                           Eeeeeeeks! an ugly manhole!!
                                                               Trying to cover it with my bag!

Have you ever looked into a Kaleidoscope? I did, when I was a kid, in a museum, and the view was unbelievable and unforgettable.
A pattern formed by light falling on colorful glass pieces, beads and pebbles. I don't think I have words to explain what I saw that day, but it was bright and colorful enough to make a big impact on  my little mind and soul!
This outfit reminded me of that day's view through the Kaleidoscope!

                                                                          What I Am Wearing:
                                                           top, denim and belt- Forever 21    bag- Tommy Hilfiger    wedges- Franco Sarto
                                                           sunnies- Guess    watch- Kohl's    bracelet- NYC street vendor 

                                          Thanking you                                                                      Yours fashionably

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fun under the sun...

I was craving for a little picnic in the weekend, the weather was perfect, bright and sunny but not too hot.
Alas, there was not much fun under the sun!
The picnic did not happen but I assumed it did, and was dressed up for just that!
I have a similar straw tote which is a little bigger and just ideal for the beach and picnic, but since it was a pseudo picnic I carried this one instead, which is a little smaller.
Lets just say that I'm saving the big one for the real deal!

How did you spend your weekend? Any fun outing?

                                                                          What I Am Wearing:
                                                            blouse- The Limited    cardigan- New York & Co    skirt and watch- Kohl's
                                             shoes- Gianni Binni    bag- T J Maxx    bracelets- H&M , from India

                                        Thanking you                                                                 Yours fashionably

Friday, May 11, 2012

The apple of my eyes...

This blazer has become my everyday staple since I've bought it! The black and white striped look goes with almost everything and it is just enough warm for the spring weather. I like it so much that I can almost call it the apple of my eyes these days!
I have this habit of wearing my favorite  pieces over and over again, so much that people end up thinking I'm running short of clothes.
Check out my other outfit posts with this blazer   here  and  here.

Does this happen to you?
Do you have a favorite piece of clothing which you end up wearing frequently? 

Have a happy Friday, everyone, and a wonderful weekend!
Happy Mothers' Day to all you moms and moms-to-be!

                                                                            What I Am Wearing:
                                                               blazer- LOFT    shirt- Old Navy    denim- Abercrombie & Fitch    clutch- The Limited
                                                               shoes- Gianni Binni    watch and sunnies- Guess    necklace- Burlington Coat Factory

                                               Thanking you                                                                         Yours fashionably

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Am I a Maxxinista?

Am I really a Maxxinista?
While going through my posts, I just realized that, these days, I'm wearing more T J Maxx stuff than ever. I have never liked the idea of sticking to a particular store/brand all my life. I like to try out new things, I like variety, variety is definitely the spice of life!
Well, then  I found out the reason behind it. In this tiny, little city, tucked away amidst corn fields, the options to shop are very limited. One can only dream of shopping in stores like Ann Taylor,The Limited, J.Crew, GAP, H&M and Zara! Even the nearest Forever21 and LOFT is like a good 30 minutes drive.
So, end of the day, I'm left with no other option than to shop in Old Navy, Express and T J Maxx.
Not that I don't like to shop in these stores, but honestly, I've started feeling claustrophobic.
I guess, It is just another human nature to crave for things which are out of reach!

But, for now, I'm happy being a Maxxinista!

Tell me, do you like to stick to a particular store/brand or do you like trying out new things?

                                                                      What I Am wearing:
                                                          shirt- Aeropostale    skirt- T J Maxx    clutch- Steve Madden from T J Maxx
                                                          necklace, belt and shoes- Forever21    sunnies- Kenneth Cole    watch- Guess 

                                         Thanking you                                                                    Yours fashionably

Monday, May 7, 2012

I'll have another one...

Today's post is an ode to the 138th Kentucky Derby held on May5th at Churchill Downs.
Let me tell you, gambling and betting is not my cup of tea! All I am interested in is the Derby fashion. The ornate hats and head wears have always fascinated me, but I never really thought that I'd be hooked to the game so bad!

When I turned on the TV on Saturday, all I had in mind, was the amazing dresses and the astounding hats.
The next thing that caught my eyes was the stars of the race, the horses themselves.
Those beasts are indeed some beauties and had some very amusing names like Daddy Long Legs, Went The Day Well, Daddy Nose Best, Done Talking and of course, last but not the least, I'll Have Another One!
I can't believe the magnitude of the grand celebration, the money involved and the amount of preparation they had for a race which lasted only a couple minutes.
By the time they were showing the history of the game and the preparation involved I was totally hooked to it.
The climax was the unexpected surge and win by I'll Have Another One, from the 19th position (19 out of a total of 20 horses) at the final stretch beating the more popular speed star, Bodemeister!
I've never seen a shorter, more exciting race than this before and surely I'm ready to have another one of it!
One day, I dream of attending the Kentucky Derby, being a lady in a fancy dress and an even more flamboyant hat, cheering for the likes of  I'll Have Another One!


                                                                           What I Am Wearing:
                                                               dress- Maurices    hat and bag- Wilson Leather    shoes- Famous Footwear 
                                                               sunnies- Steve Madden   watch- Kohl's    bracelets and ring- gift, from India, F21 

                                          Thanking you                                                                  Yours fashionably