Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Petite Fashion Challenge # 13: Stylish for under $100.

This is my first ever Petite Fashion Challenge participation and I'm super excited!
This month's challenge is hosted by Annie of  Really Petite.

This month's challenge is: "Stylish for under $100: Put together a professional outfit (excluding shoes and accessories) for under $100. 
If you can, please break down the price of each piece to your outfit.  The lower the price of the completed outfit- the better! Bonus points if you can put together a completed outfit including shoes and accessories for under $100."

Here is the break up of the price of each item of the outfit.

The first break up is just the outfit excluding shoes and accessories:
  • blouse- Banana Republic ($12, on sale)
  • skirt- Forever21 ($10.80)
  • cardigan- Old Navy ($4.50, on sale)
TOTAL cost of outfit excluding shoes and accessories = $27.30

Next,  is the break up of the price of the shoes and accessories:
  • shoes- Nine West from Younkers ($13.99, on sale)
  • bag- T J Maxx ($24.99)
  • ear rings- LOFT ( $4.77, on sale)
  • belt- Younkers ( set of two belts for $5.40 on sale. One belt= $2.70)
  • pearl bracelet- Charlotte Russe ( set of 5 bracelets for approx $5. So one for $1)
TOTAL cost of outfit including shoes and accessories = $74.75

Voila!! A professional outfit way under $100!!
Don't forget to check out what other petite ladies are wearing at Really Petite.

Thanking You                                                                                             Yours fashionably

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snow, snow, go away.....

Just when the days were getting brighter and sunnier, it had to snow again!
Just when I thought I could shed off those black tights, it had to snow again!
Just when I could hear spring knocking at my door, it had to snow again!
Just when I thought it won't snow again, it had to snow again!

I  took off my jacket once and I'm telling you, the feeling was not good! You can actually spot the goose bumps in the close-up!

How strange! a few days back it was 'let it snow' and now its already 'snow, snow, go away'!!

But, nevertheless, " No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn."- Hal Borland. Huh, so relieving to know that!

                                                                     What I Am Wearing:
                              blouse and denim- Hollister    down jacket and boots- Kenneth Cole    belt- Fossil
                              necklace- LOFT    watch- Kohls    bracelet- gift from a friend   fleece gloves- Old Navy

                    Thanking you                                                                        Yours fashionably

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lady in leather....

Soft floral print toughened with some leather...

The moment I set my eyes upon this dress, I knew I absolutely have to have it. The romantic touch and the vintage vibe of the dress appealed to me. But again, to balance off the extra sweetness of the soft floral print and the lady-like dress, I wore it with a leather jacket and a pair of booties.

                                                                  What I Am Wearing:
                         dress- Maurices    faux leather jacket- Aeropostale    boots- Kenneth Cole Unlisted
                         purse- Tommy Hilfiger    watch- Guess    bracelets and ring- Rue21, Charlotte Russe
                         tights- F21    shades- Steve Madden    ear rings- Younkers
                     Thanking you                                                                   Yours fashionably
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Blue and yellow, Dirty fellow....

Hi everyone,
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Here is some blue to fight the Monday morning blues!!

                                                               What I Am Wearing:
                top- Kohl's    trousers- Calvin Klein    cardigan- GAP    heels- Nine West    purse- Wilson Leather
                          bracelets- from India    ear rings- New York & Co    ring- Rue21    watch- gift    shades- Steve Madden

                  Thanking you                                                                              Yours fashionably

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Work it out...

Hi everyone, hope you are having a great weekend so far!

This is  just another work appropriate look.
You must be wondering,' a work look in the weekend?' Well, lets just say I'm saving the fun post for Monday to fight all those Monday morning blues!!
I was never too fond of green before, but I think it is growing on me now! I am actually trying to add more value to this dress by wearing it as a skirt.
This bag is very special to me as it was a surprise gift from my hubby. Special, because he is not at all good in planning surprises( he invariably ends up spilling  the beans) but he tries hard. I love surprises(pleasant ones only!), I mean, who doesn't?? It is not so much the quantitative or the  material aspect but the very thought and the gesture that touches me and makes me feel special.

I still remember the grand  welcome party that was organized by my dear friends here in Cedar Rapids. It was a perfectly planned and executed surprise party about which I had no clue before and I was literally flabbergasted and awe-struck!
Again, there was another surprise birthday party for me organized by my sweet bro and his even more sweet wify!That was my last birthday party as a bachelor!
Other than these two elaborate surprise parties,there were numerous other occasions when I was surprised by my friends and family. I can't thank my friends and family, my near and dear ones enough for making me feel so special in every little or big way! Thanks for being there, always!!

Tell me about your most memorable surprises.

                                                                      What I Am Wearing:
                  Trench coat- Nautica     dress (worn as skirt)- New York & Co    sweater- LOFT   bag- Calvin Klein
                  heels- Nine West    watch- DKNY    tights, cami  and belt- F21    bracelet- American Eagle Outfitters

                  Thanking you                                                                           Yours fashionably

P.S:  Hmmm, I thought it was just another post about work attire! No wonder, it is a weekend and I have all the time in my hand to type whatever is coming to my mind!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I just played with the 'plaid'....

One plaid, two looks...

Look 1- Casual :
This is a fun, casual look. I never thought just a plaid and a pair of jeans can appeal to me so much until I put it on! Just a few whacky accessories, a pop of color and some girly flats and I'm ready to run some errands.

                                                               What I Am Wearing:
                plaid shirt- Hollister    denim- Abercrombie & Fitch    belt- Ed Hardy ( borrowed from my hubby)
                      bag- Nine West    flats- Old Navy    watch- DKNY    bracelet- AEO   neck pieces- Aeropostale

Look 2- Classic:
Add a pencil skirt to a casual plaid and pile on some gold/silver jewelry and a pair of pumps and you get a more work-appropriate look.

                                                                   What I Am Wearing:
                            plaid shirt- Hollister    skirt- Forever21    clutch- T J Maxx    broad bracelet and tights- F21
                            watch- DKNY    charm bracelet- Charlotte Russe    flats- Kenneth Cole   shades- Steve Madden
                                             Tell me, which look do you like the most??  

                      Thanking you                                                                         Yours fashionably