Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I dream of spring!!

A few days of snow and I'm already dreaming of spring!!!!

After the cold, frigid winter, spring is like a messenger of life, the morning after a long night. The first touch of green in the snow-white landscape, flowers in full bloom and happy chirping of the birds- spring is all about  colors, happiness and vibrancy. What better way to portray the spirit of spring than a floral printed skirt and some vibrant color? Well, sadly enough it is not really spring yet and hence the addition of a faux leather jacket, to my spring outfit,  for some warmth and some edge.

By the way, I can't believe that I'm not wearing a single piece of jewelry!! Well, my ears are still hurting from  the heavy gold ear-rings that I wore last day and I just did not wear any bracelet as I knew those will not be visible under my jacket!!

                                                                 What I Am Wearing:
                                     skirt- H&M    faux leather jacket- Aeropostale    sweater- Old Navy    sunglasses-Guess
                                     bag- Steve Madden    boots-local store    tights, knee high socks, belt- Forever21

                                        Thanking you                                                            Yours fashionably

Sunday, January 29, 2012

All that glitters, is..........GOLD!!

I was wondering how to make my blog interesting, and I thought why not showcase some glimpses of the rich cultural heritage of India.The first thing that came to my mind was to do a  post in our traditional Ioutfit,
the saree!

If you ask me 'What is a saree?', it will be an understatement to say that it  is a nine-yard long strip of cloth draped over the female body in several different ways. Honestly, every saree is a work of art, a depiction of exquisite craftsmanship and intricate artistry and you will be amazed to know that most of them are hand-woven till date!
India is a country with 28 states and 8 union territories and, can you believe it, all these states have different languages, food habits , culture, even different forms of landscape and of course a few different types of sarees.No wonder, India is referred to as a country having 'Unity in Diversity'. There are multifarious types of sarees available today, right from the authentic, traditional ones to trendy, modern, designer versions.

This particular saree that I'm wearing is a more modern version. The fabric is a blend of cotton and silk and the detailing and the embroidery is done with jute and  silk (resham) thread.
By the way, all the jewelry that I'm wearing today, all that is glittering, is indeed GOLD,  for a change!

                                                              What I Am Wearing:
                                              saree- from India              clutch- from India
                                                            jewelry- 22K gold jewelry from India
                     Thanking You                                                             Yours fashionably

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Go green...

I've been trying to infuse a  little bit of 'kelly green' into my closet lately and could not resist myself when I spotted this kelly green sweater in store and to top it off, with discount, I just had to pay $4 for it!!!

The other day a very sweet sis/friend was telling me to mention my nails in my posts. Well, I'm such a lazy bum, I hardly ever do my nails!! Now if you see me trying to hide my nails , you know the reason!! But for this post I absolutely have to give my nails an honor. Why?? Hey, I'm wearing Maybelline Express Finish, shade no 900 , Go Go Green!!

                                                          What I Am Wearing:
                               faux leather jacket- Guess   denim- Hollister   sweater- Old Navy   clutch- Tommy Hilfiger
                               booties- Kenneth Cole Unlisted    shades- Guess    bracelets- Charlotte Russe
                               ring- Forever21   necklace- Rue21    watch- gift
                                 Thanking You                                                       Yours fashionably

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Better late than never!

While browsing through my fellow blogger's blogs, I learnt  that it was Chinese new year/Lunar new year yesterday and it is customary to wear red on the new year to bring in good luck!
Ok, so I missed red by a day, but as they say, it is  better to be late than never!

In my defense, I wore red on Sunday, the day before (unknowingly) and am wearing red today, the day after (knowingly) Chinese new year and guess what, I actually bought not just one but three red items of clothing last weekend, one of which is this red coat !!Well, what can I say, I think  lady luck is trying to push herself into my life!!
As for the outfit, one can never go wrong with black and red, very classic, conservative but elegant.
Twist in the tale is a touch of leopard,browns and nudes to the classic black and red.

On a different note, I just realized that I had two black and red outfit posts in a row!! hmmm.......

                                                              What I Am Wearing:
                       coat- Old Navy   dress- Macy's   peep-toe pumps- Forver21 clutch- Maurices
                       sunglasses- Guess   ear muffs, tights, belt and pearl bracelets- Forever21
                       gold bangles and gold chain- from India   leather gloves- Wilson Leather
                       watch- gift from a sweet friend!!

                            Thanking You                                                          Yours fashionably

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The zebra's day out...

Animal prints are big this season and you can see leopards all around. But what about the zebra?? not so much!
So I decided to take the zebra out of the zoo for a stroll today!!

But why the heck the zebra has to be so boringly black and white?? In my world, even the zebra can have some fun with colors- a hint of green, a touch of blue and a splash of red is all I am asking for!

Tell me how do you add color to your animal pints? how do you make the zebra. giraffe or the leopard happy??

                                                           What I Am Wearing: 
                                     zebra print top- T J Maxx   skinny jeans- Papaya   jacket- Guess  booties- Relativity
                                     bag- Tommy Hilfiger   black full sleeve T-shirt worn underneath- F21
                                     watch- Guess    belt- Fossil    pendant necklace- Loft   knit scarf- H&M
                                     bracelets and ring- Forever21    silver and green bracelet- handmade by a friend

              Thanking you                                                                     Yours Fashionably

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Trend Alert..

I was browsing through fashion magazines and web sites the last few days and came across some interesting fashion trends for this spring...enumerated below is a list of some very wearable trends of Spring 2012...

  • Neons, oranges and tangerines- Spring, to me, is all about bright colors and bold prints...Runways for spring/summer 2012 were filled with head to toe neons,oranges and tangerines.....Well, in our day to day life, we can easily infuse just a splash of neon/orange and still be right on trend....
                                                       Some fab pocket-friendly options:

  1. orange velvet pump- Charlotte Ruse
  2. orange structured crossbody- Forever 21
  3. Neon patent platform pump- Chrlotte Russe
  4. Ruffle peep-toe bootie- Charlotte Russe
  5. orange dress- H&M
  6. Multi-zip envelope cross body- Forever 21
  • Pastels-  It is so extremely easy to incorporate pastel shades in our daily life as these colors are very feminine, romantic and soothing  to the eyes and hence one can hardly go wrong with these!! Wanna play safe?? Grab a pastel blouse/skirt and some nude heels and  be TRENDY!!
                                                       Some fab pocket-friendly options: 

  1. textured open back top- Charlotte Russe
  2. tear drop necklace- Forever 21
  3. cardigan- H&M
  4. Light blue blouse- H&M
  5. Tunic- H&M
  • Sporty chic- Ladies, who are too lackadaisical to get all decked up in the morning, who live in their pajamas and track pants, can rejoice now as sporty chic is 'in' this season!!Athletic influences were spotted in the collections of noted designers like Alexander Wang, Narciso Rodriguez, 3.1 Philip Lim, Versace, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs and BCBG! 
  • Peplum accents- In a mood to be more lady-like?Build an outfit around a peplum dress, skirt or even a blouse and voila, you will be the trendiest lady on the block!!
                                                  Some fab pocket-friendly options:

  1. Midi dress with lace peplum- ASOS 
  2. Black lace peplum skirt- ASOS 
  3. Beige peplum dress- Dorothy Perkins 
  4. Jersey pencil dress with peplum- ASOS 

  • Prints and patterns- All kinds of prints are 'in' now- floral, tribal,art deco, geometric, abstract and futuristic, you just name it!! Not only that, ladies, you can also go crazy by mixing and matching prints and patterns, a trend being carried over from the last season!! So just go ahead  and showcase your crazy, quirky, wacky and playful personality by mixing different prints and patterns in the same outfit and no, you won't be committing a fashion crime!!
                                                    Some fab pocket-friendly options:
  1. Geometric foil poncho top- Charlotte Russe
  2. Tribal print scarf- Charlotte Russe
  3. Floral bracelet- Forever 21
  4. Geometric print wallet- Charlotte Russe
  5. Geometric print maxi skirt- Forever 21
  6. Geo print tank- Forever 21

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bundled up....

Snow, snow and more snow.....I'm loving it!!

 This down jacket is one of the very first that I bought after I came to this country...it fights snow like nothing else, keeps me warm and dry, but, sadly enough, I'm not too crazy about the way it fits me. So, generally, I avoid wearing it, no matter how much it snows. Today I gave it a thought and decided to belt it up and surprisingly that made quite a difference. I think I can wear it more often now!

                                                                What I Am Wearing:
                            down jacket- Nine West   white sweater- Relativity    purse- Wilson Leather
                            skirt and belt (worn on top of the jacket)- Forever21   boots- Kenneth Cole Unlisted
                            knit hat, scarf and gloves- New York & Company        
                            grey and black knee length socks- DKNY    sunglasses- Kenneth Cole Reaction

                Thanking You                                                                   Yours Fashionably

Monday, January 16, 2012

All work and no play.......

Prints and colors have always amused me and I hate to think of an outfit, work or not, without those....

I am actually a big fan of such of fish-tail skirts with  broad waist band. This one, in particular, is a bit lose on my waist but I liked it nevertheless as it gives a nice shape to my body.
This cardigan is a size XS Regular and a bit too boxy for my liking!!I can't recollect whether it was like this when I bought it or it lost its shape from extensive wear! I just bought it because I got a good discount on it, but at the end of the day, I realized, that one should not always fall for deals,even though you are crazy for a certain brand of clothing.

All though, it is not always a good idea to over accessorize a work outfit, I could not resist  myself from wearing a few bracelets! I absolutely had to wear that pink rose ring as it is an exact match with my shoes. No more drama on my ears, just simple stone studs.
Well, after all,it doesn't harm to add a little fun to you work outfit, as they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ( or should I say, makes Jill a dull gal?)

                                                What I Am Wearing:                        
                           top- Maurices    skirt- Younkers   cardigan- Loft  tights- F21
                                  shoes- Famous Footwear  leather bag- from India   watch- DKNY
                                  sunglasses- Kenneth Cole Reaction   bracelets and ring- Rue 21

Thanking you                                                                    Yours Fashionably

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let it snow:

At last, winter is here and it is snowing, can I say, cats and dogs??

Time to take out my super comfy and super cozy White Mountain boots; what an excellent substitute for the pricey UGGs!
I was still in late summer-fall mood last night, blame it on the warmer days, and, almost out of habit, I grabbed one of my summer dresses this morning. Layering is the key word when you want to winterize your summer dresses. I am wearing two layers of fleece tights  and a full sleeve warm, black T-shirt underneath my dress to keep myself warm, and voila, purpose served! You can also add a turtleneck sweater instead of the T-shirt for extra warmth. Make sure your sweater fits you really snug to avoid any extra bulk.

Did you notice the silver details on my gloves? Love it!! and the cobalt blue chunky knit scarf is so warm while being spot on trend!

                                                      What I Am Wearing:
                                                cotton jersey dress- Old Navy  jacket- Guess 
                                                      boots- White Mountain from Younkers(at least 2 yrs old)
                                                      scarf and gloves- Old Navy  belt and tights- Forever 21
                                                      ear muffs- Fossil
                           Thanking you                                             Yours fashionably