Friday, March 29, 2013

Prelude to Pastels...

Easter to me is all about getting decked up in pastels, having a splendid Easter brunch and watching kids enjoying Easter egg hunt.
The beautifully decorated Easter eggs in an array of soft, soothing shades of mint, buttercup, peach, powder blue and lavender definitely rekindles my love for pastels.
Here comes the season of fresh, soft pastels and this outfit is a prelude to pastels.

This dusty pink, vintage, tweed skirt is the perfect piece for transitioning from winter to spring.
It provides just the right amount of warmth for the spring chill and the color is just what your heart desires to wear in spring!

Remembering that very day, with a heavy heart, on this Good Friday (I wonder why do we call it a Good Friday when nothing 'good' happened on that very day!) and wishing a happy Easter to all those who celebrate.

                                                                               Outfit Details
                                      skirt- J Crew  No.2 pencil skirt in vintage tweed      trench-H&M       blouse- LOFT 
                                                   bag- Kate Spade (buy similar here)          heels- Bandolino via T J Maxx   

                                                   watch- Kenneth Cole     bracelets and necklace- Forever 21     sunnies- Steve Madden

           Thanking you                                                                                                     Yours fashionably

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Floral Fun...

I love floral print but not exactly a fan of such big prints as on this top.
Nevertheless, the mix of blue, green and yellow looked so pretty that it ultimately came home with me.
I'm glad it did, as I'm having so much fun in floral!

                                                                                Outfit Details
                                  jacket- American Eagle Outfitters (buy it here)    denim- Old Navy Rockstar denim (buy here)
                                  top- LOFT    shoes-Nine West    bag-Wilson Leather  (buy the pricier version here)
                                             watch &sunglasses- Guess       bangles- Forever 21, H&M

              Thanking you                                                                                                      Yours fashionably

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring in my mind...

I don't know if spring is in the air yet but it certainly is in my mind!

Wish you all a wonderful week end and hoping for spring weather to arrive soon!!

                                                                              Outfit Details
                                  jacket- Zara     skirt- Prabal Gurung for Target    shoes- Nine West (buy similar here)
                                             clutch- Steve Madden    sunglasses- Guess

                       Thanking you                                                                                                  Yours fashionably

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Ahoy!

It is the very first day of spring today, but I really can't feel it with the mercury dipping down to 16 degree Fahrenheit/ -9 degree celsius!
I mean where is the spring we all love??
Where is the greenery, birds chirping, flowers blooming and the sun shining bright and happy?
Its been a long, cold winter this year and I really cannot wait for spring to actually make its presence felt!
Ahoy, spring!

                                                                                     Outfit Details
                                                        denim- Forever 21     top- LOFT     faux leather jacket and aviators- Guess     bangles-F21
                                                        bag- Aldo     pumps- Bandolino via T J Maxx

           Thanking you                                                                                                      Yours fashionably

Monday, March 18, 2013

Green, it is!

The only way I celebrate St. Patrick's Day is by wearing green, and that's exactly what I did yesterday.
Even though not quite the Shamrock shade of green, but nevertheless, green it is!
The color crazy girl (that's me!) was not satisfied with just green and ended up adding a couple pops of yellow and blue to it.

No, I'm not Irish, but I certainly wish I had the luck of the Irish!!

It was a bright sunny day yesterday, I was feeling great in green and went out shopping with the husband but unfortunately returned almost empty handed.
Turned out, no matter how Irish I try to be by wearing green on St. Patrick's Day, I would never posses the luck of the Irish!

Tell me, did you wear green yesterday?
How did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

                                                                          Outfit Details
                               trench- Guess      skirt- Tommy Hilfiger      shirt- Old Navy      boots- Michael Kors   
                                         bag- Calvin Klein (buy similar here)    sunnies- Steve Madden    watch- Kenneth Cole 
                               necklace- eba    bracelets- H&M, Forever21

              Thanking you                                                                                                    Yours fashionably

Thursday, March 14, 2013

One piece, More than one ways...

The printed, full skirt:

I believe, mixing and matching your separates is the key to having a versatile closet.
Its amazing to see how one piece can be styled and worn in many different ways.
Mixing and matching a piece not only makes it look fresh every time, but definitely does add wear value to it.

So I thought of starting a new chain of posts to showcase how I style my pieces in multifarious ways.
Not to forget, this is going to be an excellent stopgap whenever there is a dearth of outfit posts (and needless to mention, today is one such day!)

The vey first star of the 'One piece, More than one ways', is the printed, full skirt.

Check out the original posts here:

1. Tough love
2. A tale of two prints
3. I dream of spring

Tell me, how do you like this new section of posts showcasing how to wear one piece in more than one ways?

Thanking you                                                                                                                  Yours fashionably

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Marigold...

I can't stop admiring how good marigold and plum look together, so much so that I think they should get married sometime soon!
Well, in case you are wondering, marigold is very similar to mustard, just a brighter and a more vibrant hue.
I don't really know if my bag and the print on the skirt is marigold or mustard, but I'm just happy calling it marigold as I like the name better.

It poured incessantly the entire week end and of course I could not shoot. Instead, we decided to spend time watching something which is already shot, in an enclosed area, well protected from the extreme weather!
Yes, we spent the weekend watching The Academy 2013's a couple most talked about movies- Zero Dark Thirty and Life of Pi. Two incredible movies- one about violence and the other about learning to tame violence.
Lucky me, I had these pictures from the work week to fall back on.

Tell me, how was your week end?

                                                                            Outfit Details
                                   trench- H&M    skirt- The Limited      top- Express (buy it here, on sale now)      pumps- Nine West
                                   bag and sunnies- Steve Madden    watch- Guess    bracelets- H&M    leather gloves- Wilson Leather

Thanking you                                                                                                                 Yours fashionably

Friday, March 8, 2013

Any port in a storm...

These photographs are certainly not of the greatest quality and initially I thought I would not even publish these.
But my friends, this is a typical case of choosing any port in a storm.
I do not have better or other outfit photographs ready and am left with no other option that to publish these.
Something is better than nothing, what say?
I mean, half a loaf is always better than none!
Wow, this seems to be an Idiom day to me!!

Have a great week end, everyone, and talking of storms, my friends in the east coast, please stay safe and warm!

                                                                         What I Am Wearing:
                                        jacket- Zara (on sale)    shirt- Forever 21    denim- Hollister    boots- Kenneth Cole   aviators-Guess
                                        bag- Steve Madden from T J Maxx    scarf- Old Navy    watch- DKNY ceramic (buy it here)

Thanking you                                                                                                                    Yours fashionably

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bold and beautiful...

The one thing that instantly makes me feel bold, tough and confidant, is a black leather jacket!
No matter how girly or beautiful a dress or skirt is, the moment I put on a leather (or faux leather) jacket on it, it makes me feel so infinitely bold!
Leather (in my case, it is always faux leather) gives me that edge, that attitude, that strength that nothing else can provide.
Today I'm feeling it all the more, with this very trendy bold striped skirt and my man's fedora. Duh, did you not notice it is at least two sizes big on me?
But honestly, who says you need man clothes to feel and look manly??

Tell me, what is that one piece or item of clothing/accessory that makes you feel bold?

Today I'm linking up with  The Pleated Poppy  for her What I Wore Wednesday.

                                                                     What I Am Wearing:
                                              faux leather jacket- H&M (check it out)     skirt & bracelets- Forever 21   boots and bag- Guess
                                              sunglasses- Steve Madden      necklace- Thanks to InPink( buy it here)      fedora-Aldo

Thanking you                                                                                                                  Yours fashionably

Monday, March 4, 2013

True blue...

Clearly, I'm in a true blue state of mind today infusing just a splash of neon just to break it up a little.

Some days back, a dear friend told me that my favorite color must be blue as she spots blue in almost all of my outfits.
Well, honestly, it is NOT, but, coming to think of it, blue indeed makes its presence felt in most of the looks that I put together. It is so probably because blue is one of the easiest and the most basic colors in the color palette, other than black and white of course, to incorporate in any look. While some shades of blue are even considered as neutral like navy, you can make a statement with others like cobalt and electric blue and can never go wrong with shades like teal, azure and sapphire!
In fact, there is a shade of blue for every taste and mood out there.
BLUE is, undoubtedly, one of the most versatile and also the most commonly used colors of the entire color palette.

                                                                          What I Am Wearing:
                                                        jacket- Zara      denim- Hollister      shirt- Aeropostale      necklace- F21    
                                                        pumps- Nine West (buy similar here)      belt- Calvin Klein     sunglasses- Guess

  Thanking you                                                                                                                  Yours fashionably