Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend fun...

Its Saturday again, and we're off to Chicago for some  weekend fun and some St. Patrick's Day fun too with our dear friends!Hooraayyy!!


This is what I would typically wear on a day trip. It is very important to dress in layers for a short day trip to fight that evening chill on your way back home or to make yourself prepared for an unpredictable weather condition and this hooded sweater serves the purpose so well.
I would prefer cotton over any other fabric for such trips as it is soft and gentle to my skin and lets my skin breathe.
Cargo pants are comfortable and also durable enough to withstand some serious dust and dirt baths! I would keep accessories to the minimum as I don't want to ruin my favorite delicate pieces!
This duffel bag shaped satchel with a shoulder strap is ideal for such occasion as I can use it as a cross-body  whenever needed!The bag is big enough to carry some toiletries, a scarf (also for that unexpected chill), a pair of flats( if you have to walk a lot) and even an extra blouse and some undies (in case you plan to spend the night there!).
For shoes, I prefer comfy boots or booties ( for colder season) or flats. But if you are comfortable in sneakers, just go for it, as sometimes, you are allowed to compromise on style for comfort, doesn't really matter as long as you have FUN! Maybe some bright neon sneakers to add to the FUN quotient!

Here is an illustrated list of what I normally would carry in my bag:

1. A scarf
2. An extra blouse
3. PJs ( in case you plan to spend the night out) and a set of undies ( not shown in picture)

4. A pouch to carry all my toiletries and knick knacks!
5. Clinique face wash (travel size)
6. Clinique moisturiser (travel size)
7. Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer
8. Body Shop body spray
9. Johnson's baby lotion (travel size)
10. Bath and Body Works hand cream
11. Mac kajal
12. Burt's Bees lip balm
13. No7. lip gloss
14. Lancome mini make up kit
15. Contact lens solution and case
16. Medicine
17. Mouth wash
18. Neutrogena Make up removing towelettes

Not to forget a pair of flats in a shoe pouch, cell phone and a tiny point and shoot,  and some snack to nibble on- I'm all set to have loads and loads of weekend fun!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and a very happy St. Patrick's day (You must be thinking why I did not wear green toda! Well, I'm carrying a green bag instead of a complete green outfit, just to stand out in a GREEN crowd!!)

                                                                 What I Am Wearing:
                                         plaid shirt- Hollister    cargo pants- Guess    sweater- Old Navy    shades- Guess
                                         bag- Steve Madden    boots- Target Mossimo    watch- Kenneth Cole

                                Thanking you                                                                        Yours fashionably
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  1. Cute layered look, and I love the bright, yellow sweater! Super fun seeing what is in your bag...and I think a scarf is always a great thing to have! :)

  2. great yellow sweater and nice combo with the plaid shirt!! xx

  3. Loving all the primary colors on you, Juneli! Thanks for showing us what's in your fun to see what you're carrying!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. love your bag perfect for st. Patrick's day. very nice overall look!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  5. Ugh...u were in CHicago and u didn't contact me?? lol! Hope you had fun and didn't drunk too much in the windy city! Bounty of intoxicated folks yesterday in downtown :)

    1. I'm sorry, Bessie, it was just a sudden short trip! There indeed were so many intoxicated folks in the downtown!

  6. You look so colorful!
    I like it, love.

    Come visit my blog, let me know how you like it
    and if you like my blog, would you like to follow
    each other on GFC?

  7. love your style!

    xo Nav

  8. Love your bag!

    Stop by soon!

    /L from sweden

  9. Thanks all, for your wonderful comments!

  10. Great packing tips - I like the extra pjs and undies idea! ;)

  11. Hope you had a lovely weekend! Love the bright yellow and your getaway bag is so pretty.

    xo erica

  12. You look beautiful in yellow sweetie@:*

  13. i love yellow! ♥

  14. Loving the bright yellow with the green bag - so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. Now you know how to pack!!! Hope you had a great time. You looked too cute!

  16. Nice outfit....i have similar boots...:)

  17. you look fabulous! and really have packing down to a science! good for you!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  18. adore this bright outfit so much. you are absolutely adorable girl!!
    xo TJ

  19. Beautiful combination of colors!!!
    Have a good week!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  20. P.S.Thank you very much for following!
    I'm now following you back on GFC, #155 follower.
    Hope to see you again on my blog.

  21. love the booties!

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    only a little obsession giveaway

  22. Love the bright colours and those boots are perfect!
    Also adore the cut make-up bag,

    Lacey xoxo

  23. Love your green bag!!! its always fun to see what ppl carry in their bags!

  24. Wow. I have a bag seemingly bottomless like yours hun and wear it to death quite frankly. Looking very adorablen for your getaway ^_^ Hope it was a blast!


  25. Cute outfit. Love seeing what others put in their carry on bag. =) Hope you had lots of fun.

  26. I absolutely adore your shoes and bag. Gorgeous! I hope you had fun, and I loved seeing what you carried in your bag! great blog :)
    xx, Kels

  27. great pictures.. love the whole look.. beautiful colors here.. nice blog dear if u like mine too may be v can follow each other

    A giveaway on ma blog too

  28. Girl you are the master of colors - Love this!


  29. This is such a great outfit, I love the use of color and of course plaid!
    I like the bag too..
    following you!

  30. Wow you have a Mary Poppins bag, you can fit everything in it! Looking gorgeous as usual! XxxX

  31. great look dear!super cute=)
    thanks for your comment on my blog and folow you on gfc!!

  32. love your cargos! you're too cute
    xxxo - jenny

  33. I love the shoes and the neon sweater! You look great :)