Sunday, January 22, 2012

The zebra's day out...

Animal prints are big this season and you can see leopards all around. But what about the zebra?? not so much!
So I decided to take the zebra out of the zoo for a stroll today!!

But why the heck the zebra has to be so boringly black and white?? In my world, even the zebra can have some fun with colors- a hint of green, a touch of blue and a splash of red is all I am asking for!

Tell me how do you add color to your animal pints? how do you make the zebra. giraffe or the leopard happy??

                                                           What I Am Wearing: 
                                     zebra print top- T J Maxx   skinny jeans- Papaya   jacket- Guess  booties- Relativity
                                     bag- Tommy Hilfiger   black full sleeve T-shirt worn underneath- F21
                                     watch- Guess    belt- Fossil    pendant necklace- Loft   knit scarf- H&M
                                     bracelets and ring- Forever21    silver and green bracelet- handmade by a friend

              Thanking you                                                                     Yours Fashionably


  1. wow!awe-some!
    now you are finally doing something you were always meant to do,modelling!
    way to go,girl!

    1. Thanks Tojo da....meant to be?? yeah, sure, then I would be the most petite model on the face of this earth!! BTW, loved all your blogs!!

  2. Amazing!Great accessories!

  3. I love that handbag!!

    X Ine

  4. The bright red hand bag is the best....And U look so stunning!!!U gave very strong pose too..5th pic in this post is so gud..

  5. looks great! love the striking color of your bag. love the contrast as well. =)

    I Am Dollparts

  6. You look lovely in zebra! And that red bag is great with the outfit! Very well put together. Just found your blog and it's great! Following you now on GFC
    Come by, say hi and follow back if ya feel like it. XO

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  7. I love animal prints Juneli! Any kind and just started to warm up to python! Love the zebra top and the red our snow melted in Chicago due to the rain but man is it COLD!!!

  8. I love this bright turquoise necklace - really pops! And yes, I made the red vinyl clutch. ;-)

  9. Great outfit..Great pics...learing a lot of things about fashion from you..keep posting..

  10. love it!!!

  11. Pretty blog! Would you like to follow each other?

    Mine is about spanish designers, style and my experience as a western woman in Qatar!