Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Trend Alert..

I was browsing through fashion magazines and web sites the last few days and came across some interesting fashion trends for this spring...enumerated below is a list of some very wearable trends of Spring 2012...

  • Neons, oranges and tangerines- Spring, to me, is all about bright colors and bold prints...Runways for spring/summer 2012 were filled with head to toe neons,oranges and tangerines.....Well, in our day to day life, we can easily infuse just a splash of neon/orange and still be right on trend....
                                                       Some fab pocket-friendly options:

  1. orange velvet pump- Charlotte Ruse
  2. orange structured crossbody- Forever 21
  3. Neon patent platform pump- Chrlotte Russe
  4. Ruffle peep-toe bootie- Charlotte Russe
  5. orange dress- H&M
  6. Multi-zip envelope cross body- Forever 21
  • Pastels-  It is so extremely easy to incorporate pastel shades in our daily life as these colors are very feminine, romantic and soothing  to the eyes and hence one can hardly go wrong with these!! Wanna play safe?? Grab a pastel blouse/skirt and some nude heels and  be TRENDY!!
                                                       Some fab pocket-friendly options: 

  1. textured open back top- Charlotte Russe
  2. tear drop necklace- Forever 21
  3. cardigan- H&M
  4. Light blue blouse- H&M
  5. Tunic- H&M
  • Sporty chic- Ladies, who are too lackadaisical to get all decked up in the morning, who live in their pajamas and track pants, can rejoice now as sporty chic is 'in' this season!!Athletic influences were spotted in the collections of noted designers like Alexander Wang, Narciso Rodriguez, 3.1 Philip Lim, Versace, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs and BCBG! 
  • Peplum accents- In a mood to be more lady-like?Build an outfit around a peplum dress, skirt or even a blouse and voila, you will be the trendiest lady on the block!!
                                                  Some fab pocket-friendly options:

  1. Midi dress with lace peplum- ASOS 
  2. Black lace peplum skirt- ASOS 
  3. Beige peplum dress- Dorothy Perkins 
  4. Jersey pencil dress with peplum- ASOS 

  • Prints and patterns- All kinds of prints are 'in' now- floral, tribal,art deco, geometric, abstract and futuristic, you just name it!! Not only that, ladies, you can also go crazy by mixing and matching prints and patterns, a trend being carried over from the last season!! So just go ahead  and showcase your crazy, quirky, wacky and playful personality by mixing different prints and patterns in the same outfit and no, you won't be committing a fashion crime!!
                                                    Some fab pocket-friendly options:
  1. Geometric foil poncho top- Charlotte Russe
  2. Tribal print scarf- Charlotte Russe
  3. Floral bracelet- Forever 21
  4. Geometric print wallet- Charlotte Russe
  5. Geometric print maxi skirt- Forever 21
  6. Geo print tank- Forever 21


  1. Replies
    1. Me too, Sara....can't wait to sport some neon accessories!! Loved your blog too!!

  2. Great bright colous!

    i like forever bag and orange dress!

  3. Great sets!

  4. I looove the blue peep toes! So pretty :)

    X Ine

  5. We have Spring fever..and winter has just arrived! Looking at the brights and the pastels makes me want to be anywhere but here! I also have the tear drop necklace from F21 it's a great piece...I just realized I've not yet worn it :)

  6. Love all of these, especially the neon yellow heels!