Friday, March 8, 2013

Any port in a storm...

These photographs are certainly not of the greatest quality and initially I thought I would not even publish these.
But my friends, this is a typical case of choosing any port in a storm.
I do not have better or other outfit photographs ready and am left with no other option that to publish these.
Something is better than nothing, what say?
I mean, half a loaf is always better than none!
Wow, this seems to be an Idiom day to me!!

Have a great week end, everyone, and talking of storms, my friends in the east coast, please stay safe and warm!

                                                                         What I Am Wearing:
                                        jacket- Zara (on sale)    shirt- Forever 21    denim- Hollister    boots- Kenneth Cole   aviators-Guess
                                        bag- Steve Madden from T J Maxx    scarf- Old Navy    watch- DKNY ceramic (buy it here)

Thanking you                                                                                                                    Yours fashionably


  1. That pants and shitr are great. Have a nice friday.

  2. hahaha juneli! yes half a loaf is better than being hungry. they're fine doll. love that jacket, your jeans and boots. have a lovely weekend :D

  3. Lovely outfit! Loving coloured pants at the moment.

    Sita xx

  4. I think your pictures still turned out well. Wow. Can't imagine there is still snow. Feel bad for you.

    Lovely outfit though. I think that bright scarf works with any outfit.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  5. love your outfit, especially the shoes! amazing. :)
    very nice blog, going to defnitely stop by more often. :) would you like to follow eachotheron GFC and bloglovin? :) let me know!

  6. I am glad you posted them Juneli... You look FAB in this outfit. Loving your shirt through n through.

  7. hey there u've got a gr8 blog.. want to follow eachother??? if so follow me and let me know i'll follow back for sure.. :) maybe we can follow eachother on lookbook and facebook too..

  8. AMAZING POST:) I love the colors and your blog Is fab. Im now following.

    If you want some cute Swedish decor inspiration..check out my blog:)

    Have a wonderful week dear

    LOVE Maria from

  9. Aw, I find nothing wrong with these photos! Love the burgundy pants.