Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back to school days...

Hello lovelies,
First of all, sorry for being so irregular. I'm so caught up in so many other activities, that blogging has taken a back seat! :(( But I promise that it is a temporary phase and I'll soon get back to my usual thrice a week appearance!:)) In the meantime, here is a quick post for you all!

This look reminds me of my school days
Most schools, back in India, have uniforms and ours was very similar to what I'm wearing today, just different colors- a navy blue pleated skirt, white shirt, a tie and a navy blue blazer during the winter months. Other than the knee-high boots and the accessories the feel is pretty much the same!

I purchased this hot pink blazer some time back but was struggling to show it the light of the day all this while! Ultimately, it came out of the closet, still with tags on (luckily the tags are well hidden) as I'm still skeptical about it! I kept everything else neutral, basically black, to reduce the shock of a shocking pink,  which made it even worse! Now I look like I'm ready to hit a Halloween costume party!!
I was inspired by me fellow bloggers who wear a hot pink blazer so effortlessly, but somehow, I think, it doesn't work on me! What do you think?
Honestly, this look and these pictures would never have been published if only I had some other look and pictures ready to be posted!

Tell me, would you wear a hot pink blazer? If so, with what colors?

                                                                      What I Am Wearing:
                                                                   blazer- H&M    top- OASAP    skirt- Banana Republic    boots- Kenneth Cole
                                                                   bag- T J Maxx    watch- Guess    sunnies- Steve Madden   bracelets- F21, Buckle

                              Thanking you                                                                                   Yours fashionably


  1. The bow reminds me of the school-style look but very cute on you Juneli! Love the hot pink blazer and grey boots!! :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. I wore uniforms in school too Juneli! They consisted of navy and grey. So this definitely reminded me of that. I love that navy and white on you. That's a great pink blazer! I think it looks fabulous with that navy.

  3. Loving that pink blazer!

    Molly and MacKenzie

  4. I adore your pink blazer! I have one, but its more of a linen material. I've paired it with a navy/white striped top, black, white, blue, purple....the pairings are endless!


  5. Amazing blazer! I love how it totally pops with this outfit!


  6. So I've been on the fence as well with a bright coloured blazer....I know I should probably add one and the hot pink seems so tempting but every time I try it on....I just feel like it doesn't suit me. I have a hot pink mohair shrug....does that count?

  7. I love the pop of pink! And the top is so cute with the bow! :)


  8. Love the bright pink! I wanna wear it with prints! :-)


  9. That bright pink is gorgeous on you Juneli! ;-)

  10. Fun blazer! I have a hot pink pencil skirt and surprisingly I find it goes with SO many things in my wardrobe. You'll get a lot of wear out of it :)

  11. it´s a perfect and smart combination of style and very goo taste.

  12. i love the blazer on u, i was too quite skeptical to get the pink blazer. but the best and safest to wear it is over blue denims..looks rocking!

  13. Thank you all for your lovely comments and suggestions.

  14. What an awesome awesome fun jacket! Definitely school girl, but turned up a notch! Great bag too! You have a great bag collection!