Thursday, February 9, 2012

Time and tide waits for none...

Today my baby blog is  exactly a month old.Its amazing how time flies!! A zillion thanks to all  my readers, followers, friends and my fellow bloggers for your incessant support, overwhelming response and your wonderful comments. You all are the lifeline of Fashionably Yours and I am truly blessed to have an incredible circle of readers, friends and followers!!

Birthdays always call for celebration; and, to me, dressing up is such a significant part of any celebration!! So, I thought of wearing my pearls and chiffon today, but instead I just ended up wearing my pearls pearls ( as it is too cold to even think of wearing anything chiffon)!  So I thought of  incorporating a touch of leopard in to my outfit to make up for the dearth of chiffon and to take it a step further, for the first time ever, I am wearing pink with orange!! So daring of me!!

Tell me, do you think I just committed a fashion crime?
Would you ever wear pink with orange??

                                                                              What I Am Wearing:
                       leopard cardigan- New York & Co    skit and belt- Forever21    orange cami- GAP    purse- T J Maxx
                       watch- Guess    shades- Steve Madden    heels- Nine West    pearl bracelets- Charlotte Russe
                       ring and tights- Forever21    gold bangles , pearl necklace and pearl studs- from India
                     Thanking you                                                                            Yours fashionably

         P.S  I am so happy to see the sun again!!


  1. beautiful look!<3 your bag is so cute!^^

  2. I love pink and orange :) And also, I have that same exact ring from Forever 21 :) We're heading into Spring, I am really convinced that the midwest is spared from more snow this year...fingers crossed and happy 1 month blogoversary!

  3. Happy Monthversary then!! I love this colorful outfit! The leo print cardi is gorgeous!

  4. sweetie i like your blog, i'm following now, can you follow mine too?

  5. Congratulations:-)
    Loving the pink and orange. it's gorgeous, you look lovely!

  6. Really great colours! i like you cardigan a lot!

  7. I love your outfit! I'm a huge fan of the red/pink trend

  8. gorgeous outfit! i love the bright pop of color!

    Glass of Fashion

  9. Fun! I would wear the colours together too! Love your ring! xx

  10. I love the color of your cardigan!
    Thank you for the love and support you have given me, Juneli! It's such a great honor to be considered for the Versatile Award in your blog! I will continue to upload more outfits for the future. Thank so much for everything! Many blessings.

  11. Thanks all for your good wishes and comments!!

  12. cute cardigan

  13. Love the outfit, I think the colors look great together. Congrats on your one month! Keep it up girl :)

    xo erica

  14. heyy you have a really cute blog! I'm now following. Check out mine if you want

  15. Great skirt! Took a minute to look around and u have a cool stuff on here so adding you to my google connect.. maybe follow each other?..let's talk soon!

    Hugs from NYC!


  16. great post..great blog!!

    visit my blog too...


  17. Wow I love your outfit you look gorgeous! Congratulations on having a great blog and so many followers after just one month! New to your blog and really liking it! Following! XxxX